01. After a wonderful day of skiing, we spent the evening at the [lodge] in front of the fire.
02. The walls of the hunting [lodge] were covered with trophies of various animals.
03. The guys all met in the fishing [lodge] at the end of the day to compare their catches.
04. Her parents found a [lodger] for her room after she left for college.
05. My parents have taken in a couple of [lodgers] to help them cover the cost of their mortgage.
06. The bullet entered his arm, exited his shoulder and [lodged] in his jaw.
07. The town was destroyed in the war, and the only buildings left standing had bullets [lodged] in all the walls.
08. Dave always joked that he had a tiny fragment of brain [lodged] in his head.
09. The cat had a fishbone [lodged] in its throat and was choking.
10. The defendant's lawyer announced that they would [lodge] an appeal.
11. The Swedish Ambassador has [lodged] an official protest with the French government over the affair.
12. She [lodged] a complaint against her boss after he made suggestive remarks to her.
13. We found [lodging] for the night in a beautiful little bed and breakfast right off the bicycle trail.
14. My son [lodged] with his aunt for a time while he was going to school down south.
15. Conference delegates have been [lodged] in private homes in order to reduce expenses.
16. I get free [lodging] in return for cutting the grass and doing different maintenance chores.
17. You can find [lodgings] near the university at a reasonable rent.
18. We [lodged] in an old house near the river while we were visiting the city.
19. The little boy had a green pea [lodged] in his nose, so his mother took him to the hospital.
20. He invited her up to his [lodgings] at the end of the evening.
21. One of the [lodgers] was a crazy man, and he crept down one night and killed the entire family while they slept in their beds.
22. The native people of this area built great [lodges] for use during their many different ceremonies.
23. An Egyptian proverb notes that a small house can [lodge] a hundred friends.
24. A Chinese proverb advises, "Choose your [lodging] before dark and leave before the morning dew."
25. James Madison once stated that the essence of government is power; and power, [lodged] as it must be in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse.
26. The young boy got a fragment of metal [lodged] in his head after falling from the second floor while playing at a construction site.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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